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Sarah Harding
from Girls Aloud
visits Tanzone
26.10.2009 SARAH HARDING
Sarah Harding and Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud drop in to Tanzone Temple Bar before the concert earlier this year but Sarah gets caught by the paparazzi on her way out! Sarah and Kimberley both used our Sun Angel Sensor-safe Sunbed!.
Welcome to TanZone

Established in 2007 Tanzone offers our customers the safest, cleanest and most comfortable way to get your tan in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. We only use Ergoline sunbeds, the world's number one name in tanning technology. Our staff members are trained to assess you individually and will recommend a single tanning session or tanning programme to suit your skin type. All our beds are just ?1 per minute or less! Why not visit one of our shops today in Dundrum & Blanchardstown.


Our sunbed lamps are changed every three months - less minutes needed and more value for your money. No other tanning shops change their lamps as often - guaranteed! You can also visit our online store for tanning lotions, teeth whitening products and more.

NEWS 21/05/15: Laser Teeth Whitening Treatments now available at Tanzone in Blanchardstown Village. "No Sensitivity Guaranteed." For more info and prices see

NEWS 17/01/14 : Top UK Cancer Specialist recommends using sunbeds to PREVENT cancer. Full Article here - MAIL ON SUNDAY

NEWS 15/12/15 : Cancer Research UK & 6 other health organisations have announced that it is vital to get 45 minutes of unprotected UV exposure per week to prevent many cancers, osteporosis, cardiovascular diseases, rickets, diabetes and many other diseases caused by Vitamin D deficiency. Sunbeds provide your body with a vital source of Vitamin D. See our tanning facts page for more details.

A Revolution in Tanning - The Sun Angel now in Tanzone

The Sun Angel is the only Sunbed available in Ireland that meets the new EU standard on safer tanning. This means that the tanning time is increased and the intensity of the lamps is reduced giving you a tan that is exactly the same as a natural suntan with even better results! Perfect if you don't want the hassle of coming in regularly. Sensors on the Sun Angel measure your skin tone and reduce the risk of burning.

To book call 01 2966842 (Dundrum), & 01 8229701 (Blanchardstown). Due to a high demand please book well in advance.

The PolarWhitePro - As Seen on TV3's Xpose

PolarWhitePro is a revolutionary teeth whitening glaze developed by professionals to offer a highly effective, affordable and pain free method to dramatically whiten & brighten your teeth. PolarWhitePro is revolutionising home teeth whitening a quick & convenient method eradicating the need for awkward strips or trays. Using PolarWhitePros simple brush-on applicator you can achieve effective teeth whitening that will have you smiling with confidence for up to 12 months. Also available in our Dundrum Store.


The Benefits of UV Light

In Tanzone we promote sensible tanning - getting the right dosage of UV light has many health benefits including the production of Vitamin D by your body. Vitamin D received from food, fortified or not, is very small when compared to how much the body makes when exposed to UV light for just 10 minutes. Vitamin D boosts the immune system and enhances the body's ability to kill bacteria or viruses, is essential to your well being and protects your body against:

Breast cancer, Colon cancer, Prostate cancer, Osteoporosis, SAD, High blood pressure, Hypertension, Heart Disease, PMS, Multiple Sclerosis, Type 1 Diabetes & Rheumatoid arthritis. (Source: The Mayo Clinic).

UV light is also beneficial for the treatment of Acne, Eczema & Psoriasis. For more information see our tanning facts page.

Persons under 18 years will not be allowed use sunbeds here.

Sunbed use increases the risk of skin and eye cancer.


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Sundays..... 11am to 8pm
Bank Hols... 11am to 8pm


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